Sunday, January 7, 2018

International Dot Day 2017...

Internation Dot Day is based on the book by Peter Reynolds. Click HERE for a link on Amazon to by the book. 

The book has a great message and is fun to read.
International Dot Day is on Sept 15th ish. 
At Ceder Point we do it up big time. Everyone comes dressed up in as many dots as they can wear!

Our janitor Mr. Le and our assistant principal Mrs. Kribbs

Mrs. B with her awesome Zentangle dots

Our teachers get involved as well....Cedar Point teachers love dress-up days!!!

That is me...

Every year we create a Dot Day mural with all the students in the whole school creating dot art for the board.

Everyone get a 6x6 inch white 90# paper.

Trace your circle...

Put your dot in the middle of your circle

Draw a spiral starting on the dot and go out to the circle's edge.

Inside the circle writ all the things you are good at. 

Color the dot with warm colors on the inside and cool colors on the outside.

Then wet the paper with plain water and a paint brush. Make sure it's really wet. Then put it on the drying rack.

When the dots are dry they get added to the International Dot Day bulletin board.

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