Sunday, January 21, 2018

Art Opening With Martin Cervantez at Clearbrook Center of the Arts...

Hubby and I recently went to an art opening at the Clearbook Center of the Arts in Tachettsmill Shopping Center in Lake Ridge, Virginia. We went in support of one of our favorite local artists, Martin Cervantez. We have several of his works and bought a couple more at this show. It was our Christmas presents to each other. Martin says we are official collectors now! 

Martin's tribute to the people who were killed and injured in the Las Vegas shooting.

This is my new Cervantez piece. It is a collaboration he did with another artist and I just love it.

This piece is amazing...I wish I could tell you the artist.

Martin's work

Isn't this just the coolest art space ever!

Martin's wall of paintings.

That is Martin Cervantez in the center with the black sweater.

Some of Martin's newer pieces

Looking in the front door at one of my favorite works by Martin

Martin talking to hubby

I wanted this piece too...

This is the piece hubby picked out...

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