Sunday, December 24, 2017

Blobbie Blob....

This is Blobbie Blob....

The first step in this project is to paint a black blob in the middle of the paper with no instructions other than "just paint a black blob in the middle of the paper with 
no white spots showing inside the blob". 

After the blob is finished have students put the blob painting on the drying rack. Let them know more info is to come next week. 

You will need a back up project because explaining and painting 
the blob only took 15 minutes.

I use watered down black tempera paint for the blob.

In the following art class show students a finished picture of Blobbie Blob! Explain they will be turning the blob into a monster's mouth.

Save time for all the oohs and awes you will get when you explain the blob they painted last week will become a monster this week.

I do not tell them what the blob will be used to make on the first day because I found they paint with a monster in mind instead of letting the black blog tell them what kind of monster it wants to be.

The first part of turning the blob into the mouth of a monster is ask students to decide which way their blobs look best. Have them hold the blob at different angles and sides.

Once they decide which way is up and which way is down, using a Sharpie have them draw a bottom lip line under their blob's mouth about 1/2 inch away for the blob.  Make use they only outline the bottom of the blog and not go all the way around the blob.

Next add a line for the top of the monsters head and his ears. Nothing needs to be done on the lower part of the paper. The lower part of the paper will be all monster and pained one color.

 The next step is to cut out the teeth for the monster's mouth. Using white paper, 
scissors and stick glue students will cut out any shape teeth they choose. 
I also have them round off the bottom of the teeth so they fit into the mouth's blob shape better.

Paint the monster all one color with watercolor paint and then use a darker shade of that same color
for lowlights and shadows around the bottom lip, eyes and ears.

Next cut out eyes from the white paper. The eyes can be any shape or size, they do not have to match. With a sharpie draw pupils in the eyes.

The last step is to use black watercolor paint around the teeth, eyes and ears for shadows and contrast. 

This is our inspiration piece. I saw it on ETSY.
The artist is Aaron Butcher.
Click HERE for his ETSY link.
I have bought several of his pieces. This is the only one I saw with a big mouth
but it did inspire this fun project.

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