Monday, July 10, 2017

Trip to Washington D.C. and the National Gallery...

Hubby took me to see our nations Capital, the Calder exhibit, and a Sam Elliot movie...

the Washington Monument and the Mall...

and the National Gallery.

An Alexander Calder sculpture hanging in the East building of the National Gallery designed by
I. M. Pei which opened June 1st, 1978. 

Calder Exhibit

The Giant Blue chicken on the patio just outside the Calder exhibit by 
Katharina Fritsch.

I love oversized random sculptures!

After the museum we went to see the Sam Elliot movie at a movie festival 
that was playing at the E-Street theater. It was only showing in LA, NYC and DC.
I had never been to a movie festival or to a movie that was only showing in "select" theaters!
It was fun and the movie was great. I love me some Sam Elliot! 

We rode the METRO train in to the city...I know that sounds like a really common thing to do
but it is way outside my comfort zone but something I really wanted to try. 
And I loved it. Not sure I can figure out how and where it runs or even how to pay on my own
but it was still fun!

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