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Art Scouts 2017...

 Art Scouts 2017...

For those of you who are new to the planet these are the Art Scout leaders:
Cassie Stephens, Laura Lohmann, Ginger Pacer and Jennifer Alvarado!
If you love hangin' out with other awesome art teachers, makin' art, havin' fun, seein' old friends and makin' new ones, high energy workshops with hands on projects for a full 2 days....
well friends Art Scouts is for you!

Click HERE for Art Scouts home page

My entire group.....except me since I am taking the photo!

David being awesome!

My first class was Felting with Ginger
We created 3D and 2D felted pieces.

This is a felted version of my dog Big. Yes my dog's name is Big.

My totally awesome table group.

Just take the core roving and stick some eyes on it...ghost monsters.
Just kiddin' around! 

The girl that sat next to me was just way to stinkin' cute and sweet!
Mary Katherine was just the nicest person and so talented. She made the hippo and the mermaid for her little girl. 

Next was a lunch break. This was the view from the hotel restaurant.

After lunch I had Clay class with Cassie Stephens.

This is my totally messy area. I have journal bunching and I am not even journaling!
We created air dry pieces with our initials on them.

L is for Lee. My piece will hang at school when it is painted and dry.

A turtle with air dry clay. Yeah...that butterfly did not make the road trip to the Georgia house. He was in the bottom of the box when I finally got around to unpacking.

One of the projects I did not get to was this awesome Trophy Monster made with Celluclay. I am so doing this with 5th grade next year. Cassie has a link on her blog about this project. 
Click HERE for Cassie Stephens Trophy Monsters

My unpainted Celluclay tea cup with spoon

Art Scouts ends art 3pm each day so my mother-in-law and my art teacher buddy Emily when out and explored around the park.

Then we went shoppin'

The town of Dickerson, Tennessee is near by and oh so cute! 

This little shop know that Art Scouts were in town!

Had more food at Zander's...the most amazing pizza in town!

On the first night we walked over to the Swim house and had a good old fashion
Arts & Camp Crafts Camp gatherin'

Cassie Stephens

Creating our Art Scout Arrows...This is a very important
step in becoming an art scout!

Making postcards...

Watching the sun set on the lake...

Mapping out where we are all from...

and basically all just hung out and had a great time together!

That is me with Laura Lohmann. 

It's not part of the Art Scouts story but the day before Art Scouts
 I had my lower back bottom... way in the 
back tooth ripped out of my head or as my oral surgeon calls it "removed". My face is a little puffy and all I could eat in 2 days was mash potatoes and ice cream. 
You may think that sounds great but it gets old fast!

Me with my totally cool friend Emily!

Day 2 was Panted Painted paper and Model Magic with Laura and Jennifer

 Jennifer started off the morning by teaching us about the Highwaymen. A really fun group
of 26 African-American men out of Florida. Click HERE for information about the group.

We started off with the backgrounds using paint and chalk pastels from 
Faber Castell--Fantastic quality!

Next we created a bird's nest using Model Magic and sticks.

Then we make pom-poms for our Art Scout flags

Then sadly it was time to all go home...
Arrows pointed forward until next year.

Cassie signing one of her clay books for a fan.

Click HERE to order Cassie Stephen's Clay Lab book.

It happened to be Ginger's birthday so we surprised here with a song.

Then we all took the Art Scout's oath

Laura, Ginger, Me, Emily, Jennifer, Cassie

I love art teacher outfits!
Click HERE for other art teacher ensembles I love!


Art Scouts2017 Road trip...

I saw Lady Liberty in the lower west part of Virginia...I thought she would be bigger? 
But as you know I love random roadside over sized things!

This is my amazing mother-in-law Pam or as her grandkids know her Pam-Pam.
She drove up to Tennessee from Texas in her camper and stayed in the Amazing Montgomery Bell State Park campgrounds to watch my dog while I was at Art Scouts! 
Awesome right !!!

After leaving Tennessee we headed to our Georgia house in Cochran. 
We meet up with the Guardians of the Galaxy along the way.
Did you know that movie was filmed in Georgia.
Apparently Georgia has a large movie thing going on down there!

Me with Baby Groot, who by the way needs his own movie...just sayin'

It was my honor to give Pam her first Krystal burger...
which if you don't know is a tiny little burger you need 6 of to fill you up.
I had not been there in 30 years. I remember them much smaller.
Pam said What-a-Burger is better....I agreed but Krystal is a right of passage in the south.

We were hit by a scary storm, which really is not much fun when you
are pulling a 25 foot long camper trailer by yourself (love you Pam)!
That was the actual color of the sky and double rainbow I did not change it in any way.
It's like the 4 horseman should be riding out if those clouds!

In the end we finally made it home to 
the Georgia house...
were Pam is relaxing after making all the new curtains
for the Georgia house...beautiful right!!!

My mother-in-law is the best!

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