Monday, June 19, 2017

4th Grade Birch Tree Sunset in the Show...

First students painted a colorful sunset on the upper 2/3rds of 12x18 inch #90 white paper help vertically or portrait. 

Next students tore strips of with paper and painted the edges blue. The strips are glued onto the bottom 1/3rd of the paper in layers to create the illusion of snow banks.

After the snow banks are added students cut out 2 Birch trees. We used sharpies to create the lines. I also discussed how the trees closer to you will be bigger then the trees farther away....some of them got it....and well, some not so much. I added a follow up lesson on distance!

The last step is to put the finish piece in the "snow machine" and using a toothbrush and white tempera paint splatter falling snow all over the project.

If you have ever seen the Movie Mystery, Alaska there is a seen inside the elementary school house with lots of kid's are work on the walls.  I could never get in close enough to see the actual project on the movie but that is where this idea came from.

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