Sunday, April 23, 2017

Crayola to Retire a Color...

My first thought when I heard Crayola was to retire a color was WHY? Is there not enough room in the color universe for all the colors? I have know idea how you pick color or why you needed to pick color to get rid of. I assume the 24 pack is the best seller especially for school kids and Crayola needed to make room for something new. But how do you pick a color?
When I found out it was Dandelion I was very sad. Dandelion is one of my favorite colors. It is great for so many me it was the perfect color yellow.

I am sure I will love the new color but I am really having trouble letting go of Dandelion. Just because something is old does not mean it is warn out. You do not see any one jumping on a band wagon to replace the wheel! Please Crayola reconsider this move and reinstate the greatest color yellow ever! 


  1. I, too, was aghast and dismayed when I heard Crayola was retiring Dandelion! I prefer it to primary yellow for its bold visibility. Am I the only one who is now rescuing all Dandelion crayons from the discard box for future use?

  2. I am so hoarding Dandelion crayons now!