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Today's Art Room Report--New York City and NAEA 2017...

Day 105, 106, 107, 108...

My totally awesome visit to NYC and the National Art Educators Association convention 2017.
I was so scared to make this trip but so determined to do so. I have a really hard time leaving my comfort zone. Past issues as a child growing up...but a different story for another time...
This is an awesome story about my solo trip to NYC!

Getting on the Amtrak in Virginia...

Approaching the Big Apple

This is Victor my driver I hired to pick me up at the Penn station. Why a driver you may ask...goes back to the security issue thing. How ever I was able to get myself into several cabs on this trip and it was not that bad. Other than the wreck one almost got in but it did not happen and I still had an awesome time.

This is Phylis Brown. She has an awesome blog. I took her to the airport in New Orleans for NAEA 2015 and we have been friends ever since. She overlooks I have one political opinion and I overlook she had another. Works out great! She is a very talented lady and has great lesson ides on her blog.

The workshops and sessions were pack but very informative.

The convention was at the Hilton were I stayed on the 5th floor. And the only reason I was on the 5th floor is because that was the lowest floor with hotel rooms. Being trapped in an elevator is right up there on the fear list.

The Artist Gallery where I spent most of my NYC money. There are great earrings make out of bike inner tubes.

SE region Vice-President Scott Russell, NAEA president Pat Franklin and VAEA president Linda Conti...I know the coolest people!

My style guru Helena Agnew

This artist had such great stuff!

the STEAM teacher who made a 3D printed gear for my project,
      Christopher Sweeney

The great and crazy things art teachers wear!

some of my VAEA peeps Julie and Melissa

the giant Light Bright

The giant Echosketch. That is Phyl drawing a dragon.

Zentangle inspiration

crazy and awesome things art teachers wear

Times Square

From the top of Hotel M where they had the #k12artchat party...yes I said top and I can't tell you how I got there either but the party was awesome. Thank you 

But it was a beautiful view.

Art is everywhere in NYC

Selfies with Phyl or as everyone kept calling her...the dragon in my art room lady.
This is the description for an great workshop I attended. Good information!

Meeting my Boot Buddy in the hall Jennifer Alvarado from Art Scouts #artscouts
If you get a chance to go to Art Scouts do much fun and run by the most awesome people.
Cassie Stephens your fiber arts queen, Ginger Pacer the clay guru, Jennifer Alvarado your printmaking guide, Laura Lohmann who took this fantastic photo!

I was included in the STEAM room group...12 awesome art teachers who and rocking the STEAM thing. We had a fantastic turn out and met lots of great teachers interested in taking STEAM into their classrooms.

Yep... that's me with my Gears project.

This is my presentation...3rd grade GEARS project.
You can get the steps for Gears HERE

Other STEAM presenters--Rachel Hessing Wintemberg

                                                                         Debi Dunavant West

Tim Needles

Samantha Melvin

Christopher Sweeney

Finding more Zentangle patterns

And even more Zentangle patterns

What a fun project

Linda Conti, Ginna Cullen-Virginia Art Educator of the Year, Scott Russell

A night out with Cassie sorry the flash was in your face!

There that's better.

Emily, Katie (my NAEA 17 roomie), me and Cassie Stephens on the giant selfie in the hotel lobby.

The Virginia student art display 

I made it to Mood...

and met Swatch who loved me! I cried!

the button wall

The gift shop at the Whitney

Whatever this thing is?

The Freedom tower, the Hudson river and New Jersery

wire art lessons

Jessica, the founder of the Art of Education.

Vender central
The Virginia Youth Art Month flag winner.

More totally awesome workshop descriptions I attended.

More crowded room with great sessions.

The weaving workshop I attended.

Dinner with VAEA members.

A night out on the town at the Stardust. That is our waiter who is a broadway singer.
Well the restaurant is on Broadway and he is singing!

Some Virginia people at the Stardust.

On the last day I got my driver Victor to take me all around the city to see some of the great buildings such as St. Patrick's Cathedral 

I started at the Whitney were the High Line begins. I saw a documentary about the making of the High line about 8 years ago back in Texas and I have been dying to see it every since. Phyl went with me and it was just amazing. It is just a great open space. That was a great upcycle idea. I have to go back in the summer sometime because it was about 10degrees with the wind chill so it was a bit hard to take it in.

That is me freezing my rear end off!

Back in the warm car with Victor I got see the Freedom Tower,

the Brooklyn Bridge,

The Statue of Liberty from Battery Park, which was a project my father Ron Abney was in charge of back in the early 80's. 

Freedom tower form the other side,


Little Italy,

The Flat Iron Building,

The Empire State Building...with out Fay Ray and King Kong.

I had an amazing time...thank you NYC and #NAEA17

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