Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2nd Grade Fish Prints Collage In the Style of Eric Carle...

First we randomly painted a 12x18 inch 90# piece of white paper using 2 colors of tempera paint.
My tables are set up by color so I put out the corresponding color paint on each table. Students were able to more to the table color of their choice.

The paintings were put on the drying rack for next week.

The following week students flipped the paper over and drew a large fish of their own design. Then cut it out.

Make sure to save the cut out parts of the paper, we will be using them later in the project.

I put out the colors again the second week but this time I gave them sponge stamps the 5th grade had cut for one of their projects.
Students used the sponges to create designs on their fish.

I use to just paint on the tables but I learned to use over sized manila paper for place mats at 
It makes it easier to put the fish on the drying rack too.

Place the stamped fish on the drying rack for next week.

In the third rotation students use the scrap painted papers from the fish to create seaweed...

and layers on their fish.

Make sure to keep an eye on the sink.....

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