Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 103

My Holiday Trip 
So the first day of my vacation I was doing my usual car rider duty when I tripped over a candy cane and fell literally flat on my face and spilled the hot chocolate someone had just given me all in my hair. The blank space on the sidewalk is were my face was planted. I skinned both my knees and by wrists, my nose and my forehead. To top it all off I had sticky hair all day...sad face!

But then hubby picked me up after school and the holiday vacay was on...
Hubby's special gift from Big Dog. He loves the Amazon commercial where the baby cries but the dad gets the dog a lion's mane and all is good. So I got on Amazon and get Big a Lion's mane...
Click HERE for the link
After leaving the Georgia house we made our way to New Orleans

Where you can see Motorcycle Santa 

and Mrs. Clause.

I love the building in New Orleans

The French Quarter 

You must have the beignets, which are French-styled doughnuts.

Shotgun homes

My super cute cousin Will.

Family time Christmas

Harry dog

How you get things in a New Orleans home.

The Trolly Cars
Bella Doggies were we boarded Big Dog

My cousin Will as the Shepard in his church play

Next we went to Texas to see hubby's family

Were we could take the top off the Jeep because the weather is awesome. Thanks for the shirt inspiration with my really bad Jeep Hair Mrs. Rozman.

Waking up on the farm...

My 2 boys warn out from all the driving, shopping, family time, eating and fun

Night time on the farm...

Can not leave Texas with out having a What-a-Burger

The trip home...We left at 9pm so I sleep most of the way but did manage to wake up when we
got to South of the Border...It's on the N. Carolina S. Carolina boarder. You have to stop there at least once and get a tourist gift.

Most of my holiday was spent waiting for 2 baby Eaglets to hatch

Click on the Alligator Fish Boat for more of Today's Art Room Report

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