Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Daily Art 2017-New Year New Ideas...

I signed up for 2 on-line journal groups/classes last year. Both were all year long on a weekly basis. I made it to week 2. I love both the ladies I sign up with and both are 2 of my favorite journal artists. The problem was not the class the problem was me. Part of the problem was that I suffered a concussion March 2015 and it took a year and 1/2 to recover from that. The other part of the problem is I took on to much work and never had a chance to get to the one thing I promised myself I would do, which was create more art for myself.... Well that was then and this is 2017. Step 1. of my new year's resolutions is to finish the things I start... so with that in mind I am going to make sure I create art everyday in some way that is my own.

Jan 1. 2017 Day One... Worked in my Georgia house on my up-cycled book art journal...
It's not finished but my goal is to do art everyday not finish a piece a day.

started a new background so it will be ready when I return to Georgia.

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