Sunday, December 4, 2016


I am participating in an art challenge...Each day in December we have to find inspiration from the things on the right! Please feel free to join in at

Day 1. Holiday Toy

I put these friends together at the Walgreens because Nightmare Before Christmas Guy really looked like he needed a hug. Who gives the best hugs...stuffed bears!

Day 2. A Good Book

My favorite art lesson plan journal.

Day 3. Hot Cocoa

I wanted to create an inviting cup of cocoa but I forgot the milk...

Day 4. An open fire

With all the fires lately I did not want to burn down the our forest so I went with a fake felt fire. 

Day 6. Holiday Shopping
I usually wait to the last day thinking Christmas will not actually happen this year or somehow pass me by then freak out when I realize that is not the case so I end up getting gift cards. Not this year though I will be ready!

Day 7. Stockings

Day 15. Mittens

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