Wednesday, September 28, 2016

3rd Grade Symmetrical Butterflies with Model Magic...

3rd grade created symmetrical butterflies.

First they used a charcoal pencil and drew one side of the butterfly.
Then they folded their paper together and used the pencil to rub the out side of the paper.
The charcoal will transfer to the other side of the paper giving you a symmetrical butterfly.

Then we used metallic crayons to color the butterflies.

After the butterfly is colored then cut it out making sure to leave a little white around the edges.
Using an old box we cut out strips of cardboard and glued it to the back of the butterfly and then glued the cardboard to a piece of black 12 inch x 12 inch piece of paper.

After the butterfly is glued to the paper add a line of glue down the center.

Using Model Magic create the body of your butterfly

Last step is to add craft wire into the Model Magic for the butterflies antennas

The kids loved this project!

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