Sunday, April 10, 2016

Today's Art Room Report

Day 60 (yes they are out of order because I forgot to click publish)!

So I gave one of my students one of the art packs I received from The Art of Education Winter Conference 2016 swag box....and this is what I got back!!!! Love it!

An artist's statement from a 4th grader. I wish I could have been calm and smooth on the inside when I was in 4th grade. I am old and I am still not calm and smooth on the inside!

I am so happy to make my kids dreams come true!

I am not much of a Bible reader but I really, really hope this verse is true. It was especially picked for me by Facebook so it must be true...right? 

And I saw this on Facebook too but I can tell you from first hand experience this one is very true!

Again Facebook but again very true! I think I might be on Facebook too much...

During our 11days off of school due to snow I became addicted to Fixer' Upper it is just awesome! When we move back to Texas these guys are so doing our house!!! And I might be watching a bit to much TV as well as Facebook...I blame winter!

Okay....another Facebook find but it is all very good advise.

By back yard!

How it feels to suffer from bipolar depression....Yes I have bipolar disorder, never said it out loud to anyone before but I have it, my mother had it and my son has it. Not sure if it feels better to announce it but sharing this info might help others to see they are not alone in this struggle and it is a struggle. 

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