Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Todays Art Room Report....

Day 32
This is the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa Florida...I really dislike this bridge (and really most bridges for that fact). I have an awful fear of falling. And to go along with falling in general I am always scared the bridge I am about to go over will have part of it missing. Don't sit there and read this and think this never happens...because it does! Anyway This bridge is particularly scary because at the base of the thing there is a huge flashing yellow sign that  says "closed when windy". Why? Why does this bridge need this sign. On top of everything everything else you have to pay $1.00 to cross this bridge! Now my cousin, who use to live near the bridge sent me this photo today.....Scary!

This is my new Halloween door wreath...Dia de los Muertos...Awesome right!

So I thought this might go along with the bridge thing!

We have a buck in the back yard now. We have never seen him before. We put out deer corn for the herd and how they are there every morning

The library teacher has had a pumpkin decorating contest the last 2 years. We are to dress up our pumpkins as a book character. This year I did Splat the Cat. This is the unfinished version, he still needs his arms and mouse.  I think next year I will ask if one of the rules is "you can not ask the art teacher for any help at all with your pumpkin".  The other teachers keep asking for supplies, advise or other art related items! I am glad to help everyone out but only if they see how awesome I ( I as in the art teacher) am and how necessary art education is! 

Click on the Alligator Fish Boat for more of Today's Art Room Report

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