Saturday, October 10, 2015

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 31

This is what I get to wake up to every morning...awesome right? My backyard is right next to a creek that flows (eventually) into the Chesapeake Bay so it is protected land and it makes me one happy and very lucky girl!

I normally do not wear make-up to school or do my hair but today was picture day so I dressed up. I had my hair done and full make-up on. My first class of the day is 2nd grade, I hear one student up front say to the kid next to him "I don't think that's Mrs. Darter" the second kid responded with "yes it is".  The first student waited until he did not think I was listening and said to the second kid "I think it's a sub" to which the second kids says "it's Mrs. Darter she just has make-up on".   WoW do I really  look like a totally different human being with make up...scary!

After school I teach a Zentangle class at the Linton Hall school in Bristow, Virginia. They have an awesome art teacher there who went to a workshop taught be another awesome teacher who took my Boruca Costa Rican mask workshop at VAEA last year. I saw this hanging on her door when I got to class. It's an awesome piece and I am so totally flattered!

VAEA Mask workshop 2014

Other than the make-up comment this was an awesome day!

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