Monday, October 19, 2015

Folded Art Advanced Art Club Project...

Advanced Art Club's Folded Paper Project

First you fold the paper. You fold front to back just like you would a paper fan but the folds are on an angle and uneven.

Next using a ruler of free hand (which ever you like best) have students draw a straight line from fold to fold. Ever time you come to a fold you change the line direction. 

Keep adding lines until you have have an even number of lines. I have found that 8 lines works well. You can outline your lines with Sharpie or leave them in pencil.

Next add color, pick 2 colors. Some people watercolored and some people used colored pencils.
You alternate you color pattern, every time you come to a fold switch colors. You also switch colors top to bottom. If you have an even number of lines the same color will be on top and bottom. 

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