Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Diva Challenge 236 an Unexpected Surface....

Diva challenge #236 by me...Lee Darter Tangle on an unexpected serface...

Lessons learned on this challenge 1. Some maps have a coating that destroy Microns, I lost 3 doing this project. 2. When you get a feeling about something go with it.... I found an old atlas that I thought would work as art some how. The next day I read the Diva challenge.  3. Pay attention to what you are doing when you are doing it ---Mindfulness! I put the letters in the wrong place. Just because north is up does not necessarily make it north! I guess according to the map it is up but the way I drew the arrows is off just a little and I think if I had set the letters above the arrows it would have made it artistically look better. Or maybe I should have paid more attention when I put the arrows on. 4. Look for happiness in what ever you are doing. This project frustrated me for so many reasons this week. I am also trying to finish the newsletter for  my charity so I have had to squeeze it in. I do not enjoy have to squeeze in Zentangle, I mean I really only want to do tangle all the time. But I did have a great time imagining how wonderful it would be to visit all the place on the map! As I was drawing over the names of awesome places I was envisioning what they might look like and how I would dress if I went there. Places like the Navaho Indian Reservation or Escalante Desert, Rainbow Bridge National Monument and of course Monument Valley.  

Diva Challenge #236 by Verne F. Creating on something unexpected.
Sloopy (Verne's dog) walks around with his bowl in his mouth a lot. Soo...
An unexpected surface.

By Verne F.

This amazing drawing was done on a photograph in a magazine....I know right, I thought is was on a real skull too! The drawing is by Verne F.
(The article is "The disappearance of the Neanderthals" from a LIFE book called "Secrets of the ancients" The photo is by Stefano Bianchetti (a stock photo from Corbis)



  1. tee hee..funny dog! Cute idea to tangle his bowl.

  2. So cute to get Verne's dog to display the beautiful tangling done on his bowl.

  3. How fun to have tangled the dogs dish. The skull is lovely!

  4. Amazing!!! And Sloopy is just adorable too! My goodness, what kind of doggie is he? Too cute that he carries his bowl around. Now he's just showing off your work! And the Skull is just incredible!! :0)

  5. Thanks -Sloopy is my comical Portuguese Water Dog ( full kennel name; CnSand Freudian Sloop). He makes me laugh everyday.

  6. I'm sure your dog will like it's food better now :-)