Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Today's Art Room Blog...

Day 9...

Finished one of my 3 hallway bulletin boards today. I painted the abstract work on a different sheet of paper so I can remove it easily when the kids start putting up their work.  Everyone seems to like it so far or maybe they are just trying to spare my feelings?  I will have to finish the other two in the morning before open house. We only have 2 more days to do work in our rooms before the kids come back. I am so excited. This is the most clean and organized my room has ever been to start a new school year! And it only took 10 years to get here! OMG where did the years go? It absolutely does not seem like 10 years since I started teaching. Time truly does fly when you are having fun.

Do not ever go into the teaching profession if you plan to loose any weight! Between meetings with  food, kids giving your holiday sweet treats and eating your lunch in under 25 mins. flat (if you want to also get your mail and use the bathroom make it 20 mins flat) you will always be tempted to eat in a rather unhealthy fashion.  Right down to Fat Friday Breakfasts.

This morning it was Duck Donuts. I have never heard of this company before but everyone said it is  great. Since flour is one of the many things on an ever growing list I can no longer eat, I will have to take their word on it. However I was inspired to make clay donuts with the art club this year!

I finished the north west corner of my room. I seems like I am getter more done if I break it down into quadrants.  This is a photo of my art library, journal station and behind that is my paint station. Each table gets a colored box that corresponds with the table color. Inside, the box is filled with everything one needs to create a masterful art journal. Students are allowed to get their boxes when they complete their assignments.

I have discovered I am vitamin D deficient. The Dr. told me this and  that is how I discovered it actually.  This information has little to do with art but everything to do with being an art teacher. Because of the deficiency I can hardly hold my eyes open, I actually feel asleep at a red light the other day on the way home. My energy level is very, very low and my bones and joints hurt...all the time.  It is hard to be an elementary art teacher when your energy is low! The doctor has me on 50,000 units of Vitamin D and some calcium so hopefully this will help. However it seems like 50,000 units of anything is a very large amount to take of anything all at once!