Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Where I Am Really, Really From - Cochran, Georgia...

My family street. I was born an Abney. The street is actually in Cary, Georgia just outside of Cochran. If you did not think Cochran was small enough...you should see Cary. My father's, father's mother raised 13 kids here (12 actually, my grandfather's twin passed away when he was a baby). No air in the Georgia summer heat. My grandfather told me a story once in which all he wanted to do was grow up and move to the big city. I always thought he meant Atlanta. One day I asked, and he say NO not Atlanta, he wanted to move to Cochran where there was carpet in the houses! My second cousin Sue still owns the land out there.  5 generations of land owners, one of only a few in Georgia that still own the original family land.  And guess what, she is a teacher too!

This looks like my favorite tangle Popsicles!

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