Sunday, June 29, 2014

2nd Grade Georgia O'keeffe Flowers...

Georgia O'Keeffe inspired art work by my 2nd graders.

We used a black crayon to draw the oversized Georgia O'Keeffe flowers. The flowers had to hang off the page.
Then we painting using watercolors to fill in the flower. The flower was painted  with warm colors and the back ground with cool colors. 
when the paint was dry we placed small square pieces of bleeding tissue paper around the center of the flower. When the tissue paper is dry, allow it to simply fall off, the color will stain the center of the flower.


                                                              Our inspiration piece

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  1. This is visually beautiful; never mind the young ages of the artists! I am going to share this idea with my watercolor class, many of whom are in their 70s

    1. that is so fab Denise I hope you will share their work with us when it is complete.