Saturday, February 22, 2014

5th Grade Dragon Drawings

This is always a class favorite!

Found this guy at a yard sale $1.00 the guy said because he is missing his horns...I will take that deal!

The project mascot. I can wear him on my shoulder as a pet.

In an effort to give more choices students now have a bunch of them, which seems to be 
blowing their minds! 
Choice 1. Fantasy/Movie style dragon, Chinese dragon or Fairy Forest dragon.
Choice 2. Black paper border or white paper border
Choice 3. Water colors or colored pencil or both

If you select the white paper (12 x 18 90 lb) then use a ruler to create a border with a design.

Then draw your dragon inside your border.

If you choose to have the black border then you will get 10 x 16 inch white paper and you do not need to draw a border unless you choose to. The border will be created on the black paper with a silver Sharpie when you glue them together.

The last step is to add 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch tooled heavy aluminum to the corners.

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