Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3rd grade Paper Puppets...

Draw your puppets, DRAW IT BIG....NO, BIGGER!

Yeah that is better!

Notice the legs are in a U shape. This is important...MAKE sure your legs are drawn in a U shape.

After coloring the puppets with markers, the arms, head and legs should be cut out separately.

Then pin it back together with a brad.

Last, glue it to black paper but only use a drop behind the head so the body
can still move around.

Some kids wanted to add yarn hair....great idea!

Tip: If the students make the parts to small wrap some making tape around them 
before you punch the hole.


  1. Ah! What a perfect addition to our lesson in action figure! Thanks for the idea. Seriously I feel lately I have no original thoughts in my brain...thank goodness for all my bloggers!! :)

    1. Kristin...I am glad you liked it. Just make sure they make the arms wide enough to the brad does not rip out. I just a mini hope punch so the hole is extra small. Thanks for entering the contest.