Sunday, June 2, 2013

2nd Grade Art Journals with Pictionary Jr. prompts

Second Grade students use Pictionary Cards to find words to illustrate in their cereal box journals. 

An ordinary box....

Things you will need...craft needle, yarn, 12 x 18 manilla paper, a cereal box that the students provided, heavy duty scissors, a long arm hole punch (you can pick up one at Michaels in the scrapbooking section or on ebay--It's called a Crop-a-dile), fancy Duct tape or in this case Duck Tape and a large binding clip.

If the box is to small use Duct Tape to make it the correct size.

I used a long arm hole punch to put holes about one inche apart up the center or spine of the book. The cereal box is behind the manilla paper in this photo.

I teach the kids how to sew a pamphlet stitch book. I teach one or two kids and they can teach the rest of the students while I am cutting boxes
Tie the end strings together and cut them off or you can add beads to the extra strings.

We used 7 sheets of 12 x18 inch manilla paper folded in half. I give the kids the top page so they can work on their cover while I am help others create their box journals.

The first page is the title page.


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  2. Where did you get your long arm hole punch?