Sunday, February 20, 2011

"If..." Art Journaling Project Day 1

Using prompts is an easy way to work your way through an artist block. I will be working through the book "The Big Book of If..." by Evelyn McFarlane and James Saywell. I hope you will all follow along with me.
If you would like the buy the book there are lots of copies at

To paint in you can use any old hardcover book-look for one that is sewn together not glued or perfect bound or you can get a Strathmore sketch book like the one I am using. Look for pages that are at least 90lbs or heavier

2. Place wax paper under the page you are working on to protect the back pages.
3. I did a watercolor wash over the entire background (both pages)

4. I placed a plastic texture rub under the wet paper and went over it with the my finder to create an embossed, textured look. I did not add any more color, I simply pressed with my finger.

5. I continued using different texture rubs with the same wet rub technique until the both pages were covered in texture.

6. I painted the lower portion of both pages a darker blue with an acrylic/water wash.

7. I used a blue colored pencil to fill in the lettering.

8. Next I attached a textured tissue paper square using Hard coat Mod Podge which I bought at Texas Art Supply. I use junk mail catalogs to glue on and then just turn the page. This keeps my desk top from getting sticky.

9. I added the red line by placing a plastic ruler down as a stencil to keep the top part of my line straight. Then I used the wet on wet technique with an acrylic wash and allowed that to run and drip. When the red dried I painted another, full strength (no water added) thin, red line to increase the definition.

10. Here I used a graphic pencil to sketch industrial styled details. (enlarge to see details)

11. Last step-I embellished with torn red construction paper, hearts cut from a download and a heart tag I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I also added a few design details with a fine tipped Sharpie (my favorite pen)

Good me a photo of your page and I will post it here.

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