Monday, January 3, 2011

South Beach Diet day 3

I will have to start off by being honest...I broke down and had a Mc Donalds oreo snack shake yesterday. It was a combination of a sugar withdrawals and stress eating. I was on the way home from dropping hubby off at the airport and started thinking about how good it was to spend two whole weeks with him and that I will not see him again till June. But today I am back on track...well kind of. I woke up to late to fix my own breakfast and was not going to do what I usually do and go to Mc Donalds so I went without food till 11:30. But then I had a lite grilled chicken salad with tomatos, cucumbers and broccoli. I only ate 3/4 so I can have the rest for a snack in 3 hours. Dont want to go longer than 3 hours without eating again.

I am already starting to feel better. I am amazed at how many times I want to run for a snack though!

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