Sunday, December 5, 2010

Picasso Vase 2nd Grade Lesson Plan (TEXAS TEKS)

Art Lesson Plan
Perception, Creative Expression, Historical/Cultural Heritage, Response
Grade: 2nd Grade
Name: Picasso Cubism Vases
By: Lee Tyler Darter
Objective/TEKS: Given watercolors, 12 x 18 white paper, a ruler, a pencil and a poster of Picasso’s Three Musicians students will create a worm and cool work in the Cubism style.
(2.1B) (2.2A) (2.2B) (2.2C) (2.3A) (2.3B) (2.3C) (2.4B)

Set: Show the artwork The Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso. Demonstrate what a cube is by showing students boxes and blocks.

Purpose: *Art Elements and Principles To help students understand about the style of Cubism and to show how lines can be used in artworks to create areas of division. Also to show the difference between warm and cool colors. *Line, Shape, Color, Space

1. Have students look at different vases, which should be set up in a still life study.
2. Using a pencil, students should draw 3 vases on their paper.
3. With the ruler students should draw 10 lines that are randomly placed and cut through the vases.
4. Discuss cool and warm colors.
5. Cool colors should be either used for inside the vases of outside. The warm colors should be used in the reverse of the cool colors.
6. There should be no white spaces left when finished.

Materials Needed: Watercolors, brushes, cups for water, paper towels, pencil, a ruler and 12x 18 white paper

Model: Demonstrate how to use the ruler to make lines. Discuss not to paint two wet colors next to each so they will not bleed together.

Check For Understanding: Look to see if the vases have been adequately divided up with lines.

Guided Practice: Have free draw paper available to practice drawing vases

Closure: Question students about how their work compares to the Picasso painting. Ask students why someone would want to paint in the Cubism style.

Independent Practice/Bloom’s: Students will create vases from a still life on their own.

Evaluation: What choices would you have made if you were Picasso?

Analysis: How can you distinguish the parts of Three Musicians?

Vocabulary: Cubism, Warm and Cool Colors

Cross Curricular: Math (2.9A)(2.9B) Social Studies (2.15B)

Modified Instruction: Ask questions requiring short answers.
Provide examples, have students repeat information and instruction.
Use visuals ADHD/LD/ED-Allow more time. Provide a checklist. Make frequent contact with the students. Allow for peer tutoring. ESL-Peer Buddy, Increase wait time, vocabulary Chart, use Realia (vases)

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